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The brand

A penchant for the Latino-American culture, a taste for color, a zest of theatricality and a pinch of humor… Flores Perdidas, a couture house with a Latin spirit that creates atypical and delicate accessories for the highlights of life. It is in her Parisian workshop that Sandra Besnard conceives her unique models that accompany women in their most personal expressions. Inspired by the spirit “ethni-tradi”, Flores Perdidas offers an accessories line to keep up with time for everyday women, brides and children: head accessories, crowns ornamented with pompoms, “trompe-l’oeil” braids with hand-made silk flowers on the top. An exclusive collection of iconic and solar pieces for an inspired life or an exceptional day.


FLORES PERDIDAS finds its essence in the latino woman’s mythical fantasy. Expression of a hypersensitive sensuality, wild and sophisticated at the same time, it embodies the mixed-race figure. This name has raised the flower as a divine obsession with its brand made in France. Flores Perdidas is inspired by the Almodovar movies, the Pablo Neruda and Octavio Paz poems, the Frida Khalo paintings and the aura of the Aztec goddess Xochiquetzal, transgressive Allegory of Love and Beauty. The seduction qualities of the brand creations and their impression of intimacy are what Flores Perdidas is all about for each woman that wear it. The sensuality that comes from wearing a Flores Perdidas accessory is compensated by the process of its creation. Each piece being conceived by instinct, Sandra gives life to her obsessions through the choice of colors, flowers and pompoms. Every product is handmade to create unique collections.

Stylist and Founder

Flores Perdidas is also the story of Sandra Besnard, a cosmopolitan woman passionate about the Latin culture, in love with the textiles traditions and with flowers. She graduated from Duperré and then from the renowned university of the “Arts Décoratifs” (Decorative Arts). Settled in Paris, Sandra has an adventurer soul: entrepreneur captivated by traveling, she feeds various influences. She first works as an assistant, then in the custom-made fashion for brides, before becoming an independent stylist and costumier for the cinema. Inspired by the Latin-American pop culture, she begins an exploratory journey to South-America.

This mythical trip will lead to the creation of Flores Perdidas.

Sandra considers Flores Perdidas as a “laboratory of expressions” in which textile becomes a living language. Convinced by the symbolic strength of clothes, her reflection focuses on the creation of the cross-over between the older and new world. An aesthetic alliance between her visual memories and the urban style specific to her daily Parisian life.


Each piece has a story that is not limited to its design, it indeed also includes its manufacture. Our creations are brainstormed and manufactured in Paris. Attached to the legacy of high quality sewing, Flores Perdidas pays particular attention to the making of its collections. Respect of heritage being one of our main values, we collaborate with artisans of excellence. Our flowers are entrusted to a French company labeled “Living Heritage Company”, and our headbands and pompons are exclusively handmade in our Parisian workshop.


An exceptional creation, expression of your personality

Through a customization service on request, we imagine unique creations that accompany you in the expression of your personality.

  • A pompom crown that frames your face, or a “trompe l’oeil” braid that adapts itself to your hair color, decorated with your favorite flowers.
  • A composition, a bunch to match your every mood: roses, camelias, cornflowers, carnations, sweet peas, pansies, eglantine roses, apple tree branches or silk buttercups.
  • A combination of colors to your taste that matches your outfit. Welcomed by an ensemble of cameos, from pastel to fluorescent, through deeper shades and whites.

Our precious products reveal an identity through their scarcity. For women, young ladies, children, brides, bridesmaids, for a bohemian life, to please you or to offer a particular gift, for an event or an exceptional day: wedding, bachelorette party etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be thrilled to customize with you a piece that suits you, and to make it match your outfit.